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Experian Graduate - Lauren





Experian Graduate - Lauren





Experian Graduate - Lauren





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Date Joined

September 2011


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Current Role

Software developer


Previous Roles

Support Analyst


Brief Overview of Your Role

Within my Software Development rotation I have been given the task alongside another graduate to set up a new team within the development department. This is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference to how things are done here at Experian, whilst having strategic discussions and making decisions with senior members of staff. This reflects the kind of opportunities that are available to graduates, which are key to demonstrating the level of work you are capable of completing.


To prepare graduates for the technical challenge of this rotation, Experian provides the opportunity to go to Bengaluru, India, to undertake 10 weeks of technical training. This was a fantastic experience for me, and certainly the highlight of my time at Experian so far.  I went alongside 6 other Experian graduates and trained with 11 further graduates from Indian universities in .Net programming. The work was challenging but we all worked hard to complete the course, with trainers always on hand to offer technical support. Aside from the learning we got lots of opportunities to travel around the local area in our spare time. To name but a few I was able to have an elephant ride, visit temples, tour the city, go on a wildlife tour, watch a spectacular sunrise and even managed to fit in a weekend trip to Sri Lanka!


Since returning to the UK, to build on my technical knowledge and to get some hands on experience I have been involved in project work as both a Developer and a Technical Lead. The development work has involved building a management tool from scratch as well as making some changes for our client’s products. The support network I have had during this time has been brilliant, everyone is always willing to help you and it is rewarding to have something to show for all your hard work! As a Technical Lead I have worked with offshore developers to ensure programming work has been on track and any queries have been dealt with quickly to make for a smooth build and implementation.

I am not from a technical background, having studied Mathematics at University, and so my programming skills before joining Experian were limited. However the training I had in India as well as the support from the teams here, who are always ready to help, have meant that I have had no difficulties settling into this role.



Memorable Moment at Experian

The Diwali celebration. The department gathered for an afternoon to celebrate Diwali and our continued success of using offshore Indian developmental resource. This was a fantastic event in which we all dressed up and I even learnt Bhangra dancing to perform in the canteen!


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