What do we look for?

  • 2.1 degree in Computer Science, Business & IT, or other IT related degree
  • 300+ UCAS points from 3 A Levels, excluding General Studies
  • Grade B or above in GCSE Maths & English

The 2016 Scheme is now open for applications: please apply here.


Looking for a career in Technology?

Our Technology Graduate Scheme takes two and a half years to complete. During this period the successful candidate will undertake a structured programme, in all the major GTS areas, to develop a broad-range of skills – technological, process and business. This programme has been designed to accelerate a participant’s understanding of the core aspects of Experian’s technology infrastructure systems and methodologies as well as Experian’s businesses. Successful graduates will be well prepared for assuming challenging roles within the GTS.

You will work through a variety of positions in Network, Operations, Infrastructure, Security and Corporate Systems, to develop a broad range of skills within our Global Technology Services division and experience the truly global nature of our company by spending an extended period of time with your colleagues in the US (maximum 6 months).

Find out more about our Technology Graduates...

Throughout a rotation within the Network Team, you will have the opportunity to work on a broad range of projects, process, and service improvement initiatives.  Gaining experience and knowledge from a deep and diverse pool of skills already in the team, you will find your time both challenging and fulfilling.  Taking projects from inception and design through to implementation and testing, you will develop a firm understanding of networking and communication technologies.

The core competencies that provide the experiences necessary to developing these skills are: project design, estimation & implementation, technical troubleshooting, change implementation, equipment configuration, all pulled together with support to gain a Cisco Certification.

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop your skills in this area, provide great service to our clients, and to prepare you for future work in Global Technology Services.

    Within your GTS Service Operations rotation you will be given the opportunity to experience first-hand the processes and principles of the command and control aspects of Global Technologies Services. You will get involved in the day to day support of many of Experian flag ship support products and services within an truly world and enterprise class environment.  

    GTS Service Operations deliver these exceptional levels of services via a number of methodology and guiding concept like ITIL frameworks which help us meet our Experian business goals and deliver these benefits to our customers

    Furthermore you will be given the opportunity to make a real positive impact on our clients and customers via a number of service improvement initiatives.

    Whilst on this rotation you will  experience working in the   Automation team,  you will be exposed to a broad range of tools and technologies – spanning multiple technical disciplines, including our ITSM platform.   You will be exposed to server, mainframe and network monitoring technologies, including the integration of the tools into a holistic platform to supply the EGOC with current alert information on our global infrastructure.

    Our ITSM platform will provide you an opportunity to learn the Service Catalogue, USD and the associated ITIL disciplines built within those tools, as well as working with teams from the Business and GTS to build customer-focussed services into the catalogue – our Amazon-like portal for service fulfilment.

    There will also be an opportunity to learn the Process Automation Manager (PAM) tool, that we use to integrate disparate systems into an automated fulfilment process, for catalogue requests.

    The global nature of the team will require you to work closely with peers in both the UK & US to successfully deliver services.

    We will provide a structured support programme to get you up to speed and support you, as you learn new skills, throughout the rotation.

Working in the server team (aka Distributed Systems) as a 3 month induction program, the graduate will obtain a range of skills in server technology. A rotation in this team covers five core competencies - including Linux, Virtualisation & Cloud, Project delivery building servers, as well as ITIL and data security.

The graduate will also work for 3-months in the Enterprise Storage Group who have primary global responsibility for storage management across all our systems.  During this time, skills will be gained in the deployment and effective management of a large scale mainframe and distributed storage area network.

We align specialists from each of our teams (Platform Management, Project Delivery and Initiatives) to support the graduates in their learning process.  This ensures a graduate gets a full view of what the teams do, an opportunity to work in some key technologies and also to be productive in the department - a mutually beneficial experience for both parties...

The opportunity to gain exposure with the wide range of network security products that Experian has to offer should be very rewarding for graduates.  Within the GTS Information Security organization there are three core areas.  The Security Infrastructure Engineering team which provides the hands on build out and ongoing maintenance of all security infrastructure, such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, and supporting infrastructure.  The Security Engineering team is the caretaker of the firewall security policy and logical gate keeper to Experian's information assets.  The Global Security Operations Center is responsible for analyzing and responding to potential security incidents using industry leading SIEM, IDS/IPS, Netflow and Malware detection technologies among other tools.

A rotation in one of the three security teams would cover the full life cycle of network security.  Beginning with the inception and maintenance of the secured infrastructure followed by the enablement of business securely and finally the watchful eye of security monitoring.

The learning process is led by seasoned security experts in their respective fields with often times greater than 15 years of experience.  This expert led training program ensures maximum exposure to a vast range of technologies along with the guidance to ensure that the graduate has a firm grasp of security.  Our expectation is not only to expose a graduate to technology but also the culture of Experian!

Global Corporate Systems (GCS) deliver business applications globally for internal Experian use.  Operating in 44 countries and with 15,000 users, our projects will accelerate your appreciation of different cultures and how to work with a blended multidisciplinary team.  Our Oracle Financials and HR system for example is acknowledged by Oracle as the most complex single instance in the world.

Working in GCS will sharpen your understanding and knowledge of application deployment & integration, including aspects of operational scheduling, error handling, automation, as well as enterprise architecture.

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