When Claire Fraser, 29, started temping at Experian, all she was looking for was steady employment. Nine years later she has just celebrated yet another promotion at the company that has encouraged her to exceed her own expectations.

Claire started working in Experian’s Business Information division in 1998, and, after impressing those around her, was soon offered a permanent post. She had no hesitation in accepting.

“What I immediately liked about Experian were the people. I have worked in some great teams with some amazing people. At every stage, I have felt that my contribution is valued. Experian listens to you, no matter whom you are,” said Claire. “My managers have always been very supportive and pushed me to achieve things that before I joined Experian I didn’t think I would be capable of. I have learnt a huge amount and gained experience of working with major clients.”

Claire has come a long way since she joined Experian, thanks to the opportunities she grasped with both hands. While at Experian, she has gained a wealth of experience and skills, as well as a degree, which has precipitated a move into management.

“I am really grateful to Experian for helping me with my business degree. The company part-funded the course and gave me enough flexibility to allow me to work hard. Now that I am team leader, I am putting into use many of the techniques I learnt on my degree course,” commented Claire.

She was recently promoted to become a Team Leader in the Consumer Operations team, responsible for managing a team of support technicians responsible for improving and maintaining Experian’s online customer support system. This move, she believes, wouldn’t have been possible without such learning and development opportunities, which included a three-week secondment to California.

Learning has always been a part of Experian’s culture, and Claire has benefited from a number of different Experian organised courses, including management skills, information technology and coaching. Claire believes that her big career break came in 2006 when she was asked to spend three weeks at Experian’s North American headquarters in Costa Mesa, Southern California.

“It was my first opportunity to demonstrate advisory and project management skills, and this experience was crucial in gaining my recent promotion. I picked up a number of skills from the US team. It also did a lot for my self-confidence. I went out there on my own and spent almost a month presenting to and advising lots of people that I did not know. Because I did it and felt good doing it, it gave me the confidence to take on different challenges that beforehand I may have held back from.”

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