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What can it do for me?

CEMS features in our suite of real-time customer value management solutions, which are designed to help consumer businesses involved in high volume, real-time consumer interactions to maximise acquisition, up-selling, cross-selling and retention opportunities. They do so by receiving appropriate consumer decision making intelligence and having the ability to execute actual decisions at the point in time demanded by the consumer not the business.

How can we help you?

Experian has over two decades of experience working with clients in the development of best practice business processes to satisfy customer acquisition and customer management requirements. These best practices have been identified, captured and are now readily available for re-use within CEMS, ensuring the delivery of high quality processes at reduced cost, as systems can be assembled quickly with reduced need for testing.

CEMS is developed on Microsoft's .NET technology platform, which ensures that it is compatible with other platforms designed to work with the latest open standards, such as Web Services, XML, and BPEL.

A few key facts

  • Easily integrate Experian's services with your own in-house or third party developments.
  • Have a high degree of control over your business processes.
  • Identify your most valuable customers at application stage.

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