Cleanse and Validate Data

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Cleanse and validate data

Careful management of the data in your portfolio can help you mitigate unnecessary costs in your business. By regularly cleansing the data in your portfolio Experian can help you monitor residential addresses to help with collections and tracing, mortality to help you manage the difficult scenario of a customer passing away, and a wide range of other data types. Read more about the products below to find out how Experian can help you.


CitizenView is a web-based system that provides users with instant access to Experian's extensive consumer and business information databases to support application processing, tracing, recovery and enforcement.

Existence Verifier mortality screening

Existence Verifier allows financial services companies to confirm whether any of their existing customers have passed away.

Data Enhancement Service

Manage your portfolio of customers more effectively by enhancing data with credit profiles and appending credit file and contact data to help you act quickly to minimise bad debt.

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