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Customer Matching

What is it?

Experian’s hosted matching solution creates a customer view that is person centric. A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is created for each customer and a customer is identified once. As relationships change over time, the data relating to a customer’s PIN does too but the PIN remains the same, ensuring a customer’s entire relationship with you is complete and up to date at all times.

How can it help you?

Your customer view changes all the time, but how do you know if your internal matching can keep up? Experian’s first class matching is carried out using intelligent data, referencing 1.5 billion data items. Due to Experian’s unparalleled matching process, it offers a much improved view over in-house solutions.

It enables you to confidently know who your customers are and the relationships you have with them. This means you won’t miss important information relating to each customer and your risk profile is accurate and complete. This allows for better credit risk management, reducing the risk of bad debt and increasing revenue potential through better targeted cross-sales.

At the same time creating this single customer view supports responsible lending, and ensures that customers are managed in a fair and compliant way.

Key facts

  • Simple and easy to set-up, Experian’s matching solution requires minimal IT input, so you could be up and running very quickly
  • 30 years of matching expertise
  • Intelligent matching uses 1.5 billion data items
  • Our extensive credit data covers over 48 million UK adults
  • A recent major investment in our UK data platform provides lenders with greater flexibility to access Experian’s wealth of data.

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