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Create a single view of each individual customer

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As consumers become more empowered and their relationships with you become more complex, it is vital that you know your customers and the relationships they have with you.

Fragmented data results in an incomplete view of your customers. This can create a number of problems for you and your organisation. Without using all the information you hold on a customer, it becomes difficult to be certain you are offering products and services to customers in-line with your risk appetite.

By utilising a single customer view solution, such as Experian's ExPin, you can begin to solve these problems.

What is ExPin?

ExPin is Experian's Single Customer View solution. Using our unrivalled range of data assets and first class matching services, we've created a unique PIN for each person in the UK, giving a much improved view over in-house solutions.

As relationships change over time, the data relating to a customer's PIN does too – but the PIN will remain consistent.

When a new peice of data is presented to us, we use our matching services to determine which person the data belongs to and assign it to their PIN. This process ensures the data for a person is up-to-date at all times, and allows you to see the history of the relationship.

By receiving our PIN you can start to tie together the records you hold for customers, reduce your fragmented data, and make more informed decisions.

Key benefits

  • More informed risk decisions – A single customer view allows you to fully understand your risk exposure.
  • Improved customer service and relationships – ExPin means you can understand each individual customers' history, their lifetime value, total borrowing commitments and even their suitability for additional borrowing.
  • Meet regulatory requirements – By having this clearer understanding of your customer you will be able to offer the most appropriate products and services – helping to safe-guard you from fines around your conduct and product suitability.

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