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Forward Address Links

What is it?

We compare your customer’s address with the most recent address we hold on the credit bureau. Where we have a more recent address we will advise you that your customer has registered for credit at a more recent address than the one you are monitoring. A forward address link flag is returned and the additional data from the forward address is included in the Delphi score and associated variables.

This is data which could change your credit decisions.

How can it help you?

When your customers use a more recent address than the one held on your records, you may not be seeing all the credit data related to them. And with many consumers now managing their finances online, they may not always provide a more recent address to you.

  • More data - The forward address may hold detrimental data, this can feed into your Delphi score to enable you to make better decisions.
  • Increase revenue potential - Using data contained at Forward Address Links, allows you to see which customers have a positive score shift, and potentially this could move a customer up a score band. This may mean you can offer improved terms, additional lending or new products and services.
  • Reduce wastage - Knowing an address might no longer be valid means you can even investigate further before using the address for marketing campaigns which reduces wastage.

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