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Fraud is a crime on the increase. Organisations in a highly competitive market have aggressive growth targets and instant decisioning giving less time to assess customers and detect fraud.

The most effective strategy is to prevent the fraud at the point of application. This requires the detection of potentially fraudulent applications before the customer is accepted, without adversely affecting your customer service level and speed of decisioning.

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Experian has worked with organisations worldwide and use this experience to deliver fraud prevention specifically designed to address your business challenges. Using proven detection rules it screens for, and highlights potentially fraudulent applications, enabling fraudsters to be stopped before they become a customer, and for existing customers, integrates with the customer management process to detect and highlight suspicious transactions.

A few key facts

  • Gain significant savings on bad debt, write-offs and the operational costs of fraud with predictive and accurate fraud detection.
  • Reduce exposure to reputational risk and comply with legislation by understanding customer behaviour to identify unusual behaviour.
  • Maintain customer service levels while reducing fraud with an efficient automated solution integrated with your origination operation.
  • Realise business benefits more quickly and focus on value-added activities with a complete fraud prevention solution.

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