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Model and predict credit risk behaviour

Experian’s range of predictive credit risk products draw on high quality and comprehensive data resources to help you make accurate decisions before providing credit. Experian builds market-leading credit bureau and custom scores to help you make better, faster decisions and deliver your promise to your customers and their shareholders.

Model and predict credit risk behaviour for new business

Below is a list of products designed to help you take on the right customers and make fully informed decisions before providing credit.


Delphi for New Business

Delphi for New Business is a suite of highly predictive scorecards that can be used in any consumer credit application process to assess the credit risk of new customers.


Consumer Indebtedness Index

The Consumer Indebtedness Index (CII) identifies individuals that are currently showing no obvious signs of repayment difficulties but who carry a high probability of experiencing payment difficulties in the near future.

Model and predict credit risk behaviour for customer management

Below is a list of products designed to help you minimise risk and bad debt while maximising opportunities within your existing portfolio of credit customers.


Delphi for Customer Management

Delphi for Customer Management is a risk scoring tool that provides live data at individual account level, to manage each customer proactively in response to changes in their credit risk scores and financial behaviours.



TrendView is a segmentation tool that helps identify new opportunities with existing customers, after evaluating trends in customers’ credit behaviour on all of their credit cards and loans.



Triggers’ notification services alert lenders to changes in their customers’ financial circumstances, allowing them to react instantly to reduce exposure to bad debt.


Mover Alerts

Mover Alerts identifies customers in your portfolio who have put their home up for sale or rent, to help minimise absconding and maximise cross sell opportunities.


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