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National Property Database

Due to the effects of the economic environment over the last few years, understanding your customer’s property information is now essential. Whether you need to know your customer’s equity position for credit strategies, identify high value customers or improve collections – property information is paramount.


What is the National Property Database?

Experian can provide you with accurate information on the UK’s privately owned properties through the National Property Database (NPD).

The NPD was developed by Experian in partnership with Rightmove – the UK’s largest property portal. Using a combination of exclusive estate agent information, surveyor data and land registry data means the NPD is the most comprehensive solution available.

 The NPD contains key information showing:

• Property Type (e.g. House, Flat, Bungalow)

• Property Style (e.g. Detached, Semi-detached, terrace etc)

• Number of bedrooms

• Property Value (by banding)

• Description of band (whether the house is above, below or on par with other similar properties in the neighbourhood)


How can NPD help you?

  • Inform credit strategies and lend responsibly - When combined with Current Account Sharing Data (CAIS) the NPD can provide a view of a customer’s equity position.
  • Identify high value customers - Customers with equity invested into large properties could become highly profitable customers.
  • Collect more from homeowners - When a customer moves into arrears their assets, such as their property and the equity can be crucial when trying to recover debt and prioritise collections.
  • Improve your cross-sell strategy - Knowing more about your customer’s properties can help with targeting and segmentation.
  • Secure long-term customer relationships - By understanding your customer’s properties you can assess whether they have the right products.

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