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Portfolio Management Package

What can it do for me?

Portfolio Management Package offers the answer to every organisation that needs to make debt collections more effective through better customer management.

We can take your customer account portfolio, and using our data and expertise assess both risk and ‘collectability’.

This allows you to identify the most effective action for each account, and implement this into your current debt collection work.

Benefits of PMP

  • Immediate ROI – Quickly improve debt collection results within a few weeks, with no capital outlay or expensive IT changes.
  • Reduce bad debt and losses – Reduce debt write off with effective management, giving more working capital for your business.
  • Increase collections rates – Determine the most effective treatment based on a complete customer profile.
  • Reduce the cost to collect – Balance cost against potential payments, allowing staff to focus on those customers most likely to pay.
  • Manage rising collections volumes – Make more efficient use of existing resources by focusing on results.
  • Increase customer retention and satisfaction –Take into account a customer’s situation before acting to retain a positive relationship.
  • Minimise collections cases – Target and support high risk customers before they become delinquent to reduce time spent in collections.

The best way to determine the right approach to a customer is to understand why they are at risk of, or have become delinquent.

Portfolio Management Package combines the current and historical data from the organisation with a range of external data sources, to create a behavioural profile of the customer.

Based on their profile, each customer is then grouped based on whether they can pay, will pay and their value to the organisation. This includes overall indebtedness, risk of bankruptcy, income and the likelihood of the customer making a payment.


Each group is then assigned an action plan most effective for that profile. These are based on each business’s own objectives, and could include:

  • Targeting and supporting customers at high risk of becoming delinquent
  • Leaving habitual late payers to self-cure with low cost reminders
  • Contacting over indebted customers quickly to establish payments and offer support and advice.
  • Restructuring payments for a customer who is unemployed but is likely to re-establish their lifestyle
  • Moving a high risk debtor quickly through to DCA placement for immediate action.

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