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Understand your customers

Acting quickly when a customers financial situation changes can save you a great deal of expense, both in staying in touch with customers and avoiding bad debt. By proactively monitoring customers, you can mitigate losses and maximise opportunities for continuing a profitable relationship. Experian’s range of collections products are designed for this exact purpose.

Analytics for Collections and Recoveries

For Collections and Recoveries, analytics is a critical part of the process to enable organisations to create an accurate picture of the customer’s propensity and ability to pay, and therefore the amount likely to be recovered. This behavioural scoring is used to segment customers and prioritise collections activities to maximise recoveries and reduce collections costs.

Collections Information Service

Collections Information Service is a combined solution that incorporates three key elements: specialist collections and recoveries consultancy; market-leading data and analytics; and state-of-the-art technical solutions.

Claims and Underwriting Exchange

The Claims and Underwriting Exchange (CUE) are shared databases of insurance claims that help insurers identify non-disclosure, concurrent claims activity and prevent fraud in quotations, renewals and claims.


‘Triggers’ notification services alert lenders to changes in their customers’ financial circumstances, allowing them to react instantly to reduce exposure to bad debt.

Data Enhancement Service

The Data Enhancement Service can enhance your customer data by adding contact information and credit profiling to help you manage your porfolio.

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