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Biometric voice identification and verification

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Around the world, organisations are streamlining verification processes to maximise efficiency and enhance the customer experience. Increasingly, voice biometrics are being used as an interactive tool to authenticate customers.

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Experian Identity Voice Check is designed for organisations that handle repeat business from their customers and employ manual verification to establish that they are dealing with the same person.

Identity Voice Check replaces the time consuming manual verification process with a fully automated system. Using individual voice biometric data, Identity Voice Check can authenticate customers by confirming that ‘today’s’ voice print matches with the individual’s previously registered voice print.

Benefits to you:

Increase efficiency - Manual verification of individuals through the use of questioning techniques can be very expensive and requires organisations to hold large amounts of customer data.

Improve customer service - Customers engaged in a manual process of verification may not always have information to hand or be able to answer security questions such as “What is the credit limit on your account?” and may also struggle to verify their identity. The Identity Voice Check system enables organisations to automate the authentication of existing customers with limited customer involvement.

Prevent fraud - Through the use of Identity Voice Check, an organisation can demonstrate and promote a proactive approach to ensuring that their customers’ identities are protected.

Create a consistent experience - From the customer perspective, Identity Voice Check provides a consistent approach to identity verification. As well as the removal of tedious manual processes, there is also the opportunity for the customer to register one voice print that can be used with many organisations.

Integrated deployment - Identity Voice Check can be seamlessly integrated into existing operations.

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