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 Notice of Corrections (NOCs)

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What is a Notice of Correction?
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A Notice of Correction is a short (200 words max) explanatory note you can add to an entry on your credit report to explain the background to that information. Anyone searching your report in the future or who has seen it in the previous six months will see the Notice of Correction, and they must take account of it when you apply for credit. 473

How do I add a Notice of Correction to my credit report?
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Use the “Query Your Report” tab to send us the text for your Notice of Correction (200 words max), quoting the entries you want us to add the note to. Alternatively, you can post the text to us at the following address.

Experian Ltd
PO Box 9000
Nottingham NG80 7WP

We’ll make the necessary changes to your report. Any note we believe to be defamatory, libellous, incorrect, or frivolous may be referred to the Information Commissioner for arbitration.

We also recommend you contact the other credit reference agencies (Equifax and Callcredit) to notify them of the circumstances you want to explain, as the information we hold is not necessarily the same. We will provide them with any statement you add to court judgments. Click here for contact information for other credit reference agencies. 555

Can I see some sample Notices of Correction?
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Yes. We drafted the following examples to help you write your own. (Click a link to view the text.)

NOC Examples
Judgment information
Credit account information