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Will fraud at my buy-to-let property hit my own credit history?

Dear James,

I own a buy-to-let flat which has been empty for the last few months. I have discovered that two people have been using the address to get credit cards etc. These people have never lived there. They have even tried to register their names at the address on the electoral roll. You have stated that credit rating goes on the individual and not the address, but the police have just told me that this could indeed affect my credit rating, because they do look at your address. Please could you reassure me, I'm really concerned.


Naomi, Kingston


Dear Naomi

I’m very happy to put your mind at rest. As long as these people haven’t been applying for credit in your name then your credit rating won’t be affected. When you apply for credit, information about other people is only provided to the lender if a financial connection exists, such as a joint loan. This simply won’t be the case here. If these people have successfully obtained credit at your property then they must have found some way to collect, intercept or even redirect any post sent there. If you can put an end to this it should put the brakes on their little enterprise. If you suspect that a fraudulent redirection has been set up you should contact Royal Mail – you’ll find details on their website. Return any post you do receive originated by these people to the senders marked ‘not at this address – fraud’ and any lenders involved will quickly get the message.

James Sign

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