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What should I do to safeguard my ID?


Dear James,


I am worried sick after giving details of my name, address, DOB and email address to what I now think could be a scam. I have contacted my bank, who advised to register with one of three possible companies like yourself. If I were to register with Protect my ID, would I be correct in thinking, should I become a victim, that there are specialists who would help me with the situation.  Also does a fraud have to be committed before a person can apply for a CIFAS registration or can this be applied to account as a possible fraud? Thanks.



Maureen, Edinburgh


Dear Maureen,

I’m sorry to hear about your predicament and your very understandable concerns. Experian research shows that fraud is still rising, so we are certainly keeping up our efforts to warn the public about the latest scams and how people can minimise the risks. It would certainly be prudent to keep an eye on your credit report and our CreditExpert service would be a great way of doing that. You receive text or email alerts when any changes to your report occur. Turning to CIFAS, you can certainly arrange a CIFAS Protective Registration warning even though fraud has yet to take place. This would probably be a sensible option for you now there is a real risk that your identity has been compromised. Assuming you do set up a CIFAS warning and take steps to monitor your credit report and incoming statements, if fraud does strike you’ll be well placed to nip it in the bud and minimise any inconvenience to you.


James Sign

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