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Am I blacklisted for having no credit history?


Dear James,


I have never owned a credit card as I believe in paying for what I get. I was most upset when applying to a mobile company to have a monthly direct debit set up with them that your company said I was to be refused. Can you please explain? I should NOT be blacklisted. Can you tell me what is going on?



Maureen, Penzance


Dear Maureen,

We don’t refuse or accept credit applications but many lenders do use the information we hold about you, called your ‘credit report’, to help them decide. There is no blacklist of course. The information credit reference agencies like Experian hold is factual and shows that most people manage their credit commitments well. Most lenders use a process called credit scoring to assess new applications by ‘weighing up’ all of the information available to them about you. Relevant pieces of information connected with your application are given a score and then added together to create your overall credit score. If this reaches the lender’s pass-mark then the chances are they will offer you credit. Your credit score will be affected by a wide range of factors, including what credit you have had in the past and how you repaid it. This, in particular, helps the lender establish whether they can trust you to repay credit in the future. If, as appears to be the situation in your case, you have not used credit in the recent past and your credit report is therefore threadbare, it is highly likely that your credit score will suffer. Statistically speaking, people with little or no credit history are more likely to default on any credit that is granted. What I suggest you do is get hold of a copy of your credit report – you can get a free report when you try CreditExpert for 30 days – and then you can see exactly where you stand. Our website should also give you personal pointers on the things you might do to strengthen your credit history, to help you get a ‘yes’ in the future.

James Sign

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