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How quickly will CreditExpert alert me to fraud?


Hi James,


I am interested in credit alerts. Do you provide 24-hour alerts on any changes on my credit report to help warn me as to any possible fraudulent activity? Also what if someone applies for credit using my details and the credit provider uses another credit agency and not Experian. Does this mean Experian would not alert me to important fraudulent activity on my report? Regards.



Graham, Addlestone


Hi Graham,

Many people value CreditExpert for its monitoring features. There are two aspects to this. We firstly monitor significant changes to your Experian credit report, looking out for things like new credit checks, new accounts and existing accounts falling into arrears. This wouldn’t pick up a credit check made with another credit reference agency of course. But if an account was subsequently opened and these details shared with Experian, we would be able to alert you to that. While this monitoring takes place around the clock, customers are alerted to any changes once a week. Secondly, we monitor your personal details for you on the web – such as email accounts, and banking, passport and other details – alerting you to possible misuse. This monitoring is also 24/7 and we will alert you to any matches here very quickly indeed, depending on your alert preferences.


James Sign

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