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Can you help me prevent further fraud?


Dear James,


I have had my debit card cloned. As far as I know my bank stopped the transaction, cancelled my card and sent me a new one. Now another bank has contacted me asking if I had tried to open up a bank account with them. I went to the bank, explained it was not me and told them about what had happened. I have reported it to the police fraud department and have a crime reference number.  How can I tell if whoever cloned my card won't try again and how can I check my credit status? 


Sean, Bristol


Dear Sean,

Sorry to hear about your card being cloned. Identity fraud continues to affect many people I’m afraid – 123,000 last year according to fraud prevention service CIFAS – causing distress, inconvenience and the anxiety you describe. But hopefully we can help. If you’d like to contact Experian’s victims of fraud team they will help you obtain a copy of your Experian credit report and then go through it with you very carefully to identify anything that may be connected with the fraud. They’ll then contact any organisations involved to begin the process of setting the record straight. If you’re worried that further fraud may be attempted we can help you add security features to your report and flag up your case to the other credit reference agencies so they can also offer help too. We’ll soon help you get things back to how they were before.


James Sign

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