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Can we really check our credit reports as often as we like?


Dear James,


My husband and I are ready to get a mortgage. We would like to make sure everything is ok before we apply for the mortgage so wish to check our credit reports. However, we have heard that we have to be careful not to do it so many times, but then I have read that you can check your report as much as you like. Can I check it as much as I like?  Please help us and let us know. Kind regards, 

Edit, Watford


Dear Edit,

I think I’ve featured a question on this before but am happy to revisit it because it is something that I know people worry about. What you have heard is an urban myth. Simply put, you can check your own credit report as often as you like with no adverse consequences for your credit rating. In fact, as checking your report might highlight things you might improve on your credit report, such as registering on the electoral roll, checking your report from time to time could have a positive effect. Now what you do have to be careful of is making lots of credit applications (and therefore collecting lots of credit-application footprints on your report) in a short space of time because, understandably, this can worry lenders that you’re overstretching your finances. But checking your own report leaves footprints that only you can see, and you certainly don’t have to worry about those. (January 2014)

James Sign

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