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Experian's consumer education programme aims to raise public awareness of the role credit reference agencies play in the credit-granting process and to help people understand and look after their credit reports.

The Credit Reference Agency Explained is a complete 24-page guide to our UK credit reference agency, available here in PDF format (1021Kb)

Our example credit report will help you see what information credit reports can include - PDF format (155Kb)

Your Credit Report Explained is a step-by-step guide to help you understand your Experian credit report - PDF format (1.45Mb)

Credit Report Basics is a series of straightforward fact sheets to help you understand how credit reports are produced and used. The fact sheets cover bankruptcy, the Electoral Register, credit report myths and IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements).

Your Credit Report and Previous Searches explains about previous search footprints on your credit report and when they can affect your credit rating - PDF format

Your Credit Report and Bankruptcy explains what bankruptcy is and how it could affect your creditworthiness - PDF format (174Kb)

Your Credit Report and the Electoral Register - This guide explains why registering to vote at your current address will help you get credit - PDF format (109Kb)

Credit Report Myths uncovers the truth behind some of the myths surrounding your credit report and how credit reference agencies work - PDF format (171Kb)

Your Credit Report and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) explains what an IVA is and how entering into one might affect your credit history - PDF format (138Kb)

Industry guidance on default reporting - Principles for the Reporting of Arrears, Arrangements and Defaults at Credit Reference Agencies - PDF format (301Kb)

Our Credit Crossroads guides help you look after your credit history at particular times in your life. You can download electronic copies of the guides here.

Refused Credit (164Kb PDF format)

Living Together (177Kb PDF format)

Moving Home (165Kb PDF format)

Relationship Breakdown (164Kb PDF format)

Students and Young People (176Kb PDF format)

Bereavement or Serious Illness (187Kb PDF format)

Redundancy or Reduction of Income (180Kb PDF format)

Our booklet Identity Fraud Explained will help you understand identity fraud and take steps to reduce your risk of becoming a victim. It will also help you spot the common signs of fraud and tell how you can sort it out.


Identity Fraud Explained - PDF format (380Kb)


We aim to help young people develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to manage money successfully through a number of initiatives and resources, including the following.

Our Credit Crossroads – Students and Young People guide includes wide-ranging advice for youngsters on money and credit - PDF format (176Kb)

Getting Credit: A Beginner's Guide is a financial capability teaching pack developed and published by Experian and NIACE (The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education). It is designed to provide a range of session plans, resources and activities to help learners get to grips with the process of applying for credit and the role credit reference agencies play, and to manage credit effectively and safely. The activities are developed around numeracy and literacy themes and are suitable for both young learners (aged 14+) and adults. PDF format (3,645Kb)

We support two national consumer competitions for young people run by Trading Standards. Click on the following links for more information about Young Consumers of the Year and the Consumer Challenge Quiz.

Experian Help to Buy Hopefuls Insight

Experian Help to Buy Hopefuls Insight report - PDF format (767Kb)

The Mortgage Muddle

One year after the Mortgage Market Review - PDF format (308Kb)

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