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Improve cash flow with our credit monitoring service

The financial situation of your customers, suppliers and competitors can change quickly and at any time.  With Credit Guardian software it's easy to run company checks and with it's unique monitoring feature, you can keep a close eye on them, identify top sources of revenue, manage late payments, take advantage of recommended credit terms and start improving your cash flow. 

Credit Guardian has been designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses, giving you all the information ou need to make more informed financial decisions.  Think of Credit Guardian as credit risk management software which allows you to run credit reports on, and monitor, your customers, prospects, competitors and suppliers.  You can also use the information provided to protect your own company. 

Just some of the many benefits of using Credit Guardian include -

  • Seeing how other companies view your business
  • Identifying customers that are a financial risk to your business
  • Finding and monitoring the most stable suppliers
  • Reducing the risk of working with new companies
  • Making sure you protect your company with the best payment terms
  • Improving cash flow by finding out when you're likely to be paid
  • Saving money on bad debt write offs

You can also use Credit Guardian to protect your own company and reveal any potential issues.  Other companies will be looking at your credit rating and using it to decide whether to do business with you or not, so you should know what they're seeing.  If you see anything of concern, you can make the necessary changes and become the type of business that other companies want to work with.

You can also use the information that Credit Guardian provides about you as a marketing tool to differentiate your business.  When you're in complete control of your financial status (with the information that Credit Guardian provides), you can market yourself as a robust and stable company that customers and suppliers can trust, especially in these turbulent financial times. 

Credit Guardian can help people in different roles in your business.  Look at the examples below to see the problems that it can solve for you and your staff...

Get a complete picture of financial health, sales and trading patterns to see where you might be at risk

Make your business more attractive to those who wish to trade with you by seeing how to improve the state of your company's finances

Protect your business from cash flow problems by seeing customers and suppliers in high, medium and low risk bands and receive alerts when their situation changes

The Problem:
"I need a simple tool that shows me the financial health of my business and helps me understand where I might be at risk"

The Solution:
Credit Guardian software allows you to easily identify where your business is at risk by monitoring sales and purchases from your accounts system and merging it with Experian's industry leading business information, giving you a complete picture of your business.  You can run company checks on your own business to see what others already know about you and if this has a positive or negative effect on how they view your company.  Subscribing to Credit Guardian will also mean you have access to your own dedicated Account Manager who will be able to guide you through improving your credit rating if necessary,

Increase sales by changing your strategy from 'Should I trade?' to 'How can I trade?'

Plan the best trading and payment terms by taking into account your customers' current financial circumstances

Minimise late payments by knowing prospects inside out before you do business and tailoring payment terms accordingly

The Problem:
"My sales keep getting turned down by credit controllers because a customer has a poor payment record that I didn't know about."

The Solution:
As an Account Manager, Credit Guardian can show you all the financial information for your prospects and  customers at the beginning of the sales process, so you can plan your deal accordingly e.g. money up front or staged payments.  You'll be able to make more sales with both new and existing customers as you'll be empowered with all the facts about their finances.  Wish you could know how quickly they'll pay you? You can with Credit Guardian.

Purchase goods and services from suppliers that you are confident are financially stable

Fulfil your sales orders by choosing suppliers who won’t let you down

Easily monitor suppliers' performance.  You'll receive automatic weekly alerts which will let you inform your company of any changes so they can act quickly before any damage is done

The Problem:
"Two suppliers have offered similar deals and on paper they look the same. Which one should I trade with?"

The Solution:
With Credit Guardian you can get a deeper understanding of a suppliers business rather than just relying on what the company website looks like or the persuasive sales pitch made by one of their employees.  With the software, you can see a supplier's profitability, company size and track record, so you can make more informed decisions.  With the credit rating company check that Credit Guardian can run on your suppliers, you can also make sure that they are stable and will be able to quickly and reliably fulfil your requirements (and also those of your clients if you're buying on their behalf).

Blend information from your accounting system with data from Experian to make more informed financial decisions

Negotiate more advantageous trading terms using the best business intelligence

Use the best tools to predict, and not just react to, payment problems and business failure

The Problem:
"I want to know if we are paying out and getting paid to our best advantage and how does this compare to our competitors."

The Solution:
Credit Guardian shows you how long your customers take to pay you and compares this to how long they take to pay your competitors. If you need to, you can renegotiate terms.

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