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Commercial debt management

When one of the businesses you trade with starts to suffer financially, often the first time that you are aware of a problem is a missed payment. However, at this stage your damage control strategies are having to work harder to minimise loss to your business.

By knowing immediately when a business shows signs of financial stress, such as missing a payment with another supplier, you can act quickly to reduce credit terms and reprioritise collections - pre-empting cash flow problems and ensuring that whatever their financial situation, you get paid first.

  • Establish can’t vs won’t pay by showing you the true financial situation of a business
  • Know immediately when a business is in trouble by providing instant alerts, detailed reports and notifications
  • Negotiate shorter Days Sales Outstanding by showing you how quickly a business pays your competitors
  • Our scorecards and systems deliver robust decision making with the flexibility to quickly and easily implement new models and strategies.
  • Our high level of functionality and report writing flexibility allows you to slice and dice your data and tailor monthly reports to your business needs and KPIs.
  • We provide a huge breadth and depth of supporting Experian data, including payment trends, Days Beyond Term information and manufacturing SIC codes.
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