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Effective credit portfolio management

Every portfolio has credit risks and opportunities that change from one month to the next. But without a full understanding of your customers, the wrong decisions can be made. By optimising your credit risk and portfolio management process, you can get a clear view of your credit portfolio and see risk behaviour and up-sell or cross-sell opportunities as they happen.


Managing your customers

Retain and grow profitable customers

Get a deeper understanding of your customers’ current and future values, so you can spot opportunities earlier.

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Credit portfolio management

Get a complete picture of your existing customers’ financial situation across your portfolios to fully understand your potential exposure and opportunities.

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Manage high credit risk customers

Understand the economic shifts and changes in person's situation that could negatively impact your customers to help you manage potential payment problems.

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Nurture future profitable customers

Strengthen your predictability models with macro and micro trend information to better identity customers with the best future potential.

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Business ledger management solutions

Get a clearer understanding of the changing risks and opportunities in your ledgers to avoid over-exposure and support growth.

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