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Identify tomorrow’s profitable consumers

With on-going pressure to increase profitability, it’s tempting to take on customers who look good now and turn down customers who don’t. However, there is no guarantee that credit worthy and / or lower risk customers today will remain credit worthy and / or lower risk tomorrow – and you could lose potential future high value customers to your competitors.

By knowing additional information such as how a customer is likely to manage their money you can build a more complete picture of a customer’s circumstances, helping you predict their likely future profitability  the likely future risks and opportunities with greater accuracy.

  • Identify future profitable customers so you can build trust today using highly predictive scoring models
  • Strengthen your decision making at the point of application using sophisticated decision-making tools
  • Overcome the issues of a lack of data so you can increase accept rates with unique customer insights
  • Our scorecards predict the impact of both future macro and micro trends using unique customer and market information.
  • Experian have the greatest breadth, depth and relevancy of data to give you the best customer insights and more profitable decisions.
  • Who are your profitable customers of tomorrow and how do you create loyalty now for greater value in the future. Get the whitepaper 'Banking on the Facebook generation'
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