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Maximise debt recovery from every customer

Consumer credit delinquencies are a major problem for businesses. But without a deeper understanding of your customer’s financial situation, getting them on the phone is not sufficient enough to set up a sustainable repayment plan.

By incorporating economic, lifestyle and behavioural data alongside contact and financial information, you can get a complete picture of each collections case to maximise the chances of collecting overdue debt and improving credit cash flow.

  • Improve kept promise rates with quality data and insight-driven customer interactions
  • Reduce debt write-offs by 15% by optimising your segmentation and treatment strategies
  • Improve your DCA performance by 5% through data-driven referral strategies
  • We expand your perspective of every customer using the best quality economic, lifestyle and behavioural data to maximise the chances of contact and collection.
  • We provide end-to-end process of customer management through to worst case scenario of debt sale or managed collections all through us.
  • See how BNP Paribas Bank Polska improved collections efficiency by 16%. Read more
  • See how ABN AMRO, a prominent international bank, improved collections productivity by more than 70%. Read more
  • Optimising overall performance in the collections environment by focusing on individual customers. Get the whitepaper 'Optimising collections'
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