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Maximise new lending

No business wants to turn good customers away. But identifying ones that are credit worthy and / or offer an acceptable amount of risk is not always easy. Today’s highly changeable economic climate demands a deeper understanding of a customer’s current and future ability to pay credit risks – more than what a credit history can tell you.

By tapping into a wider range of data – e.g. the likely affects of a worsening economy on a customer’s long-term ability to repay you – you can create more sophisticated risk scoring models and strengthen your decision making.

  • Identify new, untapped customer segments to increase your market penetration by better understanding your credit risks
  • Overcome the issues of a lack of data so you can increase accept rates through additional insights
  • Price for risk by applying the most suitable terms for each individual customer by implementing sophisticated decision-making tools
  • Our robust scorecards are developed from years of experience working with leading organisations worldwide and have the flexibility to work around you.
  • We support Champion and Challenger live testing, allowing you to test new strategies before implementation.
  • Experian have the greatest breadth, depth and relevancy of data to give you the best customer insights and more profitable decisions.
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