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What does your Experian Credit Score mean for you?

The Experian Credit Score runs from 0-999 and is based on the information in your Experian Credit Report. The higher your score, the greater the chance you have of getting the best credit deals.

961 - 999

You should get the best credit cards, loans and mortgages (but there are no guarantees).

881 - 960

You should get most credit cards, loans and mortgages but the very best deals may reject you.

721 - 880

You might get OK interest rates but your credit limits may not be very high.

561 - 720

You might be accepted for credit cards, loans and mortgages but they may have higher interest rates.

Very Poor
0 - 560

You’re more likely to be rejected for most credit cards, loans and mortgages that are available.

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Experian acts as a credit broker and not a lender 

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