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Know your customers and understand your relationship

Fragmented data results in an incomplete view of your customers. Without using all the information you hold on a customer, it becomes difficult to be certain you are offering products and services which are suitable and in line with your risk appetite.


What is ExPin and how can it help?

ExPin is Experian’s Single Customer View solution. We've created a unique PIN for each individual in the UK using our unrivalled range of data assets and first class matching services – this gives you a much improved view of your customers over other in-house solutions.

As relationships change over time, the data relating to a customer’s PIN does too. When a new piece of data is presented to us, we use our first class matching service to determine which person the data belongs to and assign it to their PIN. This process ensures the data for a person is up-to-date at all times – allowing you to see the full picture and history of your relationship.


What are the benefits of using ExPin?

  • More informed risk decisions

  • Improved customer service and relationships

  • Improved profitability

  • Meet regulatory requirements

  • Reduce operational costs


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