Andy Wills – Director of Data – Experian, Consumer Information

I’m the Director of Data for Experian Consumer Information. I am passionate about finding new ways to deliver value from data for our clients.

In my role, it is important to increase Experian’s breadth and depth of data, to deliver this to clients in real time, using the very best in matching technology to increase data accuracy. 

I bring to Experian significant experience working on the client side. I spent over 15 years in Information Management, Credit Risk and Technology working for Barclaycard and Capital One. This enables me to understand our clients’ needs and issues and work with my team of data experts to deliver solutions which meet our clients’ requirements. 

What sets Experian apart is the depth and breadth of our data assets and the innovative technologies we deploy to supply the best possible offering to our clients. We have a continuous focus on developing our data assets to enrich our understanding of each individual. Currently, we are looking at mobile data, rental information, payments data and new property data – all of which will be underpinned by our ongoing investment in best in class technology.

Justin Furse – Head of Experian’s Data Innovation Group

I lead Experian’s Data Innovation Group, a team of nine data scientists exclusively employed to generate new insight into people, their circumstances and activities.

The best work starts with listening to our customers, so that we are always applying innovative thinking to solve real problems. Data on its own does not have value. Rather it’s the science you apply to that data to solve a real problem that creates the value.

We see data as a raw material that can be assembled in many different ways to create new structures. And we are continually looking at ways of combining and analysing multiple data sources to inform our clients and help predict the future they and their customers are moving into. 

You would think that scientists live for experimentation. But because we work so closely with customers, my team gets more excited when a client gains value from the solutions that we develop. In that sense, we’re probably more like entrepreneurs than explorers.

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