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The impact of a data breach is significant.

Whatever the scale, whatever the means, increased focus from regulators, media and the public means that speed of response has never been of greater importance.

Experian’s Data Breach Response Service helps make this easier.

Experian is the leading global information company, providing data and analytic tools to a wide range of clients around the world. We specialise in credit monitoring, fraud resolution and identity theft monitoring and so will ensure you have robust measures in place to help protect and support those at risk.

With a dedicated global data breach response team  and more than 10 years providing pre and post breach resolution services to thousands of organisations, we have the flexibility, technology and expertise to deliver comprehensive data breach solutions to help you in assessing and responding quickly and effectively.

We will discreetly handle each incident whether it affects hundreds, thousands or millions of individuals and help you build a solid foundation for rebuilding trust so that you and your customers can recover from the data breach.


 How it works


Your dedicated account manager will fully support your key stakeholders sharing valuable insight and experience to guide through every aspect of the breach resolution


We will work with you to customise and scale a bespoke identity theft monitoring solution to best meet the needs of those affected


With your team, we develop a breach response plan. We support in notification through provision of template materials, address verification, fully-trained call centre support and identity theft monitoring solutions


Ongoing post-breach support from a dedicated team to reassure and address customer queries and specialised fraud resolution agents to advise those who fear they may have become a victim of fraud


Standard and bespoke reporting to assess impact including notification, enrolment and call centre metrics

Identity Theft Monitoring Solutions

Experian offers a range of bespoke services to monitor for ID theft and fraud, including:

Credit report monitoring with alerting when changes to a customer’s credit report are detected

24/7 online web monitoring, which monitors the open and wider web for your personally identifiable information with instant alerts if anything is found

Dedicated fraud resolution service that will investigate and resolve any suspected incidents of ID theft or fraud

All of this is supported by ongoing customer care via our call centres, SMS or email communication.

Did you know?

37% of UK adults have personally been impacted by a data breach

73% of UK adults say the risk of being a victim of a data breach is a significant concern

69% believe it is the sole responsibility of a service provider to protect their personal data, and increase of 29% since 2012

*ORC International, April 2014

Why choose Experian?

Experian is the leading global information company and has unparalleled experience, knowledge and expertise in identity theft monitoring, identity verification, fraud prevention and resolution.

By partnering with Experian, you can help protect your business interests and the personal identities of affected individuals all at once. We address your need for quick data breach resolution. And we address your customers’ needs for protection from identity fraud.

Combining our unique information tools and deep understanding of individuals, markets and economies, we create partnerships with organisations of all sizes to help them establish, strengthen and add value to customer relationships.

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