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Basel Models/validation

Experian has more than 100 Basel solutions successfully delivered around the world, and over 30 years’ experience using data and analytics to provide vital intelligence to financial institutions.

Experian has the insight to help financial institutions meet compliance head on and turn its tools into new sources of competitive advantage.

Our proven Basel Analytics solution helps financial institutions significantly improve credit risk estimation and capital allocation, achieve greater lending capacity and unlock new sources of competitive advantage.

From in-depth analysis of data availability and integrity, through to the integration of models with wider business strategies, we have solutions to support financial institutions at every point on their journeys to compliance with Basel regulations.

Our flexible engagement model means we can partner with clients at every stage or simply collaborate at critical points in the process.

We actively share our knowledge to ensure financial institutions have the regulatory and technical skills required to become self-sufficient in the use of our analytics to achieve their business goals.

Experian Basel Analytics

Depth of experience with over 100 Basel solutions successfully delivered around the world

Bespoke solutions with a comprehensive partnership approach and flexible engagement

Knowledge transfer through extensive training and sharing

Financial sector specialisation with more than 30 years of experience providing vital insight to financial institutions


  • Ensure maximum business relevance of the rating systems
  • Optimise capital allocation, the performance of the rating system and its models
  • Efficiently meet AIRB (Advanced Internal Rating-Based) regulatory requirements


  • Optimise the RWAs (Risk-Weighted Assets)
  • Evaluate the impact on RWA calculations on all areas of credit risk
  • Ensure transparency and traceability across the entire compliance process


  • Achieve advanced regulatory and management reporting
  • Effectively monitor and maintain parameter estimates


  • Maintain right risk-reward balance despite challenging market conditions and increased regulatory pressures
  • Focus on all aspects to increase risk sensitivity and produce a positive impact on capital requirements


  • Accurately predict the impact of all economic scenarios on portfolio performance
  • Optimise regulatory capital across economic cycles and align it to risk appetite

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