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Credit bureau scores

Our tailor-made scorecards are used by many of the UK’s leading financial institutions across industry to support decision-making throughout the credit lifecycle.

Our solutions help lenders better understand their customers:

  • Credit worthiness.
  • Indebtedness and affordability.
  • Account management.
  • Changing consumer credit needs.
  • Risk of attrition.
  • Propensity to pay in collections and likelihood of debt recovery.

Bureau data - its availability and its complexityBureau data - its availability and its complexity
Presented by Chris Curtis
Head of Bureau Analytics

Better decisions - Using Experian’s credit bureau scores ensure full benefit of a vast array of data assets built with expert knowledge of the credit bureau enabling you to make the best decisions & grow your business, but at the same time, control bad debt, business risk and exposure.

Cost effective - Bureau-based services free up time and cost associated with the development, implementation and monitoring of custom-made scorecards.

Better information - Incorporates shared data from many other lending organisations into the score, giving a true ‘customer view.’

More data - The UK’s largest consumer credit database thanks to significant investment in data matching and retrieval to deliver the most accurate and most predictive scores to underpin your decision-makiing.

Simplifies complex data - Credit bureau scores quickly and seamlessly summarise very complex and diverse consumer credit data supplied by multiple lenders into a single and easy-to-use ranking tool.

  • Simplifies the interpretation of complex credit bureau data by delivering a simple suite of predictive scores combining key elements from more than 700 separate variables.
  • Multiple scores available for a range of vertical markets
  • Scores available to meet a host commercial objectives to safeguard your business, its growth and your cash flow.
  • Accurate ‘consumer level’ risk, affordability, and collectability analysis underpinned by all UK lender data.
  • Powerful enough to be used as stand alone scorecards.
  • Segmented to significantly improve discrimination in custom bespoke scorecards and greatly simplifies development.
  • Scores are constantly revised and analysed to reflect the latest data and economic conditions.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance.
  • Credit risk scores - Built to predict likely customer behaviour within the next 12 months. Scores are available across multiple CAIS membership levels for a range of credit products.
  • Indebtedness and affordability - These scores look not just at the type of data a consumer has but also how it is used in order to generate an alternate view of consumer risk and their ability to repay. The affordability solution takes new data sources into account such as current account credits and additional expenditure patterns to assist in income validation.
  • Bureau marketing scores - Enhance traditional marketing scores through effectively leveraging credit bureau data to predict customer appetite for credit over the next six months. This facilitates targeting of appropriate up-sell/cross-sell activity to existing customers.
  • Collection and debt recovery scores - Bureau-based collections scores provide a truly customer level view of payment propensity which internal data alone cannot achieve.  Experian collections scores are built to predict likelihood of 1+ payments on the account within the next three months to prioritise collectability. The debt recovery scores offer a different view for late collection cases by highlighting changes in credit bureau profiles that suggest when customers are able to start paying again.

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