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The lending market is highly competitive.

In order to gain and maintain a competitive advantage, gaining a full understanding of your current position can be critical in developing a strategy for further expansion, or refinement within your portfolio

Market and Portfolio Insight provides clients with an in-depth insight into the market and performance of their portfolios within it. This insight provides a steady pipeline of opportunities. We provide benchmarking solutions across the lifecycle enabling you to identify meaningful opportunities and enhance your position within the market.

Insight into new lending can help you identify:

  • Consumer demand
  • Market share
  • Risk, affordability, demographic and geographical profile
  • Lending terms and pricing
  • Quality of recent business

Customer management insight can help you with:

  • Activation and retention
  • Balance build, utilisation and over-limit
  • Payment behaviours
  • Effectiveness of on-going exposure management strategy
  • Forecasting trends in arrears

In order to instil effective collections and recoveries strategies, our insight will help you with:

  • Effective collections strategy
  • Use and success of arrangements and other forbearance measures
  • Levels of default and recovery rates post-default

Benchmarking looks at your portfolios positions in comparison to their peers in the rest of the UK market. Key issues are identified and explored, interpreting the drivers behind trends and highlighting potential impacts. It first sets the macro-economic backdrop to the analysis, studying UK and credit industry economic trends, focusing on credit appetite, delinquency levels, personal bankruptcy and debt servicing ratios. Each portfolio is then evaluated using a number of key measures, from prospecting and new business, through customer management and collections to write-off and attrition.

Market and Portfolio Insight provides a unique outside-in view of your portfolio’s performance, enabling all levels of your organisation, from the senior executive down, to assess your market position, evaluate the impact of past strategies and identify future changes to reflect the business drives of your organisation.

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