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DCA Allocation

Allocate your debt to the right Debt Collection Agency (DCA)

View the videoOnce the decision has been made to use an external agency to collect debt, significant benefits can be achieved by allocating each case to the most appropriate agency.

This is because each DCA’s performance varies according to the type of customer.

This can be driven by:

  • Geography
  • Customer type
  • Specialisms
  • Actions they undertake

Experian’s optimisation solutions consider every possible action at an individual customer level to achieve the best possible results, leading to significant performance uplifts against even very sophisticated ranking or hierarchical approaches.

Furthermore, Experian’s solutions enable risk and collections teams to deploy the optimal DCA allocation strategy using existing decisioning software or collections platforms.

Key benefits

  • No increase in bad debt
  • No increase in operational cost
  • Minimise net impairment
  • Enables use of internal agencies to minimise costs
  • Each DCA gets debt that is more aligned to their collections ability, so they collect more, and earn more commission
  • The collections department sees an increase in total debt collected, improving the core KPI

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