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Dialler Optimisation

Make your dialler work smarter, not harder, with Experian’s dialler optimisation solution.

Optimising your dialler operation maximises performance by determining which customers to call, how often, and when.

Significant increases in collections have been delivered through understanding the differences between the available actions – and adapting the dialling strategy accordingly.

Our solution can inform you of the optimal way to allocate your available dials on an account by account basis, thereby maximising the amount collected without changing the number of dials you need to make, or increasing your costs.

How to optimise your diallerHow to optimise your dialler:
Presented by David Percy
Optimisation Consultant

Significant benefit has been observed through the optimisation of dialler activity, with the improvement coming from understanding the impact of different actions, and treating customers accordingly. Consider for example the following two customers:

Customer A

  • Propensity to collect (am) = 70 percent
  • Propensity to collect (pm) = 50 percent

Customer B

  • Propensity to collect (am) = 40 percent
  • Propensity to collect (pm) = 10 percent

A hierarchical approach (with constraints on call volumes) will pick a morning call for customer A and an afternoon one for customer B. However, if one swaps these around, the result is a higher total response. When one considers the impact of balance, RPC rates and so on, it is clear that significant uplift is achievable by measuring each accurately, and optimising them. Similar to the DCA optimisation, individual optimisation can be more readily considered for this, and where modelled previously, uplifts in performance can be up to 35 percent.

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