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Marketswitch Optimization

Maximise the performance of your customer interactions

Marketswitch Optimization offers a simple solution to what was previously a highly complex challenge – maximising the performance of your customer interactions by determining the optimal offer, action or message for each individual customer.

It maximises performance against business goals while considering contact policies, operational constraints and regulatory requirements.

  • Increased profit through a combination of increased effectiveness and efficiency of activities, and more appropriate offers to customers
  • Enhanced KPI transparency and increased value-added customer offers
  • Ability to quickly alter optimised strategies, with streamlined operational deployment
  • Campaigns can be implemented with confidence after gaining an in-depth understanding of the impact of changing activities
  • New scenarios can be rapidly developed to react to changes in business objectives and product stakeholders requirements

Marketswitch Optimization is a strategic decisioning tool that uses a mathematical process to help you make value-maximising decisions across the customer lifecycle – from prospecting through acquisition,  cross-sell and up-sell to retention, winback and, finally, collections.

It does not simply rank-order decisions, but delivers a truly optimal approach by considering every single possibly combination of actions or offers on every single customer.

Marketswitch is infinitely scalable and has been successfully implemented on customer databases of over 100mn, with thousands of decisions (campaigns, offers or actions) and hundreds of constraints and/or contact rules.

Marketswitch offers a number of deployment options to ensure that clients can benefit regardless of their existing infrastructure and systems. It offers the user the choice of outputting a strategy tree or segmentation which can be easily imported into an existing customer management system

  • Strategy Tree or Segmentation which can be easily exported and imported into an existing customer management system (e.g. via PMML)
  • Optimal action or decision output which can be output as either a flat file or a database table, for seamless integration with campaign management systems
  • Real time optimisation where an optimal decision is immediately passed from Marketswitch to the calling content management or CRM system
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