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Optimising each decision for each customer

Optimising each decision for each customerPresented by:
David Percy
Optimisation Consultant


AffordabilityAccurately assess affordability

Dialler Optimisation

View our infographicHow personal is your approach to collections?

Limit Management

PodcastsWho do you lend what to, and when?

Interest Rates

WebinarHow will interest rate rises affect your customer’s?

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Today’s market place is constantly changing.

Organisations contend with pressure on growth and margins, increased regulation and intense competition – all while trying to exceed the expectations of an increasingly demanding customer.

Experian’s optimisation solutions calculate the impact of every single possible decision on every single customer, and select the best combination of actions. This typically leads to uplifts in performance of 10-100% against even very sophisticated techniques.

Experian’s optimisation solutions improve the performance of business strategies across the customer lifecycle – from acquisition, to customer management and marketing, through to collections.

Here is an overview of the services we provide:

Strategy Tree Optimization

Use bespoke strategy trees to maximise business objectives within organisational constraints.

Marketswitch Optimization

Maximise the performance of your customer interactions.

Limit Management

Balance customer opportunities with lending strategies – offering the right credit limits, to the right customers.

Multi-Channel Optimisation

Execute, optimise, manage, plan and easily deliver campaigns using multiple channels, or through one channel, directly from a single platform.

Contact Planning/Managing Multiple Contacts

Manage multiple contacts effectively, by optimising contact strategies.

Customer Next Best Action

Maximise your effectiveness of your next best action strategies.

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