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Market and Portfolio Insight is a consultancy service from Experian which offers full CAIS members the opportunity to take advantage of the data held by Experian to gain a detailed view of their position in the UK financial market.

It allows clients to view their performance against competitors in key areas and can also show the impact of strategy changes and market conditions.

The service includes UK Economic information and forecasting by Experian’s Economics team. 

Each report produced will be supported by a member of the Decision Analytics Global Consultancy team who will provide expert commentary on the trends seen and will present the findings to the client either via formal presentations or in discussion groups.

Experian has developed Market & Portfolio Insight (M&PI) with two key objectives:

  • To provide senior executives with a valuable insight into their portfolio performance, gauging key business measures against the backdrop of general economic trends and market specific behaviours.
  • Through a unique combination of consultancy and analysis, M&PI enables client organisations to evaluate the effectiveness of past business strategies and formulate how current strategy might influence future performance.

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