How do changes in the market affect where our portfolio is compared to our peers?

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Over five years ago the UK announced it was the worst economic crisis of our time and officials confirmed we were in a recession.

Over the past year we have seen a rapid improvement in the economy - looking further ahead prospects remain bright, but risks persist.

Gaining an economic advantage is imperative to the success of the country. Gaining a competitive advantage is something many UK, and worldwide, businesses are focussing on as a priority. With increased personal debt levels, teamed with a strengthening economy, the landscape of customer behaviours will undoubtedly change.

There are many opportunities which surround us. Understanding what they are, and how we will capitalise on them is possibly the most common challenge faced for businesses and their growth strategies. Our various solutions will help you understand how changes in the market may affect your portfolio compared to your peers.

  • Market & Portfolio Insight

    Providing market context against which your portfolio performance can be benchmarked... read more

    Providing the market context against which your portfolio performance can be benchmarked across a number of objectives from new lending through to collections and recoveries delivering a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of your strategies against your peers

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  • Affordability

    Accurately assessing customer affordability is an essential requirement for any lender wanting to offer credit to those who are able to repay, whilst minimising their risk exposure... read more

    You already know how important it is to lend responsibly, ensure that your customers are being treated fairly, and offer the right product at the right time, based on a thorough understanding of a customer's financial position. Solutions include:

    1. Customer Indebtedness
    2. Income Estimation
    3. Income Verification
    4. Disposable Income
    5. SVR strategy
    6. Stress testing
    7. Economic foresight
    8. The impact of rising interest rates

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  • Economic Forecasts

    Experian's economic foresight helps organisations predict the future of their markets, identify new business opportunities, quantify risk and make informed decisions... read more

    There is ample evidence that economic conditions influence debt behaviour.

    Experian's economic forecasting group is a leading provider of global, national, regional and local economic forecasts and analysis to the commercial and public sectors

    Experian's approach to incorporating economics into credit analysis acknowledges and exploits the variation in economic conditions facing different groups of borrowers (identified on the basis of residential location and household type), so greatly expanding the information available.

    Experian offers a set of new bureau scores (Future Delphi) based on the existing Delphi scores, which incorporate household economic data at national, regional and local level.

    These new scores are able to track the changes in bad rate over time, which make our scores more resilient to economic change - future proof.

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  • Bureau Scores

    Take advantage of the vast array of data assets and analytical tools available; enabling you to make the best business decisions for growth and profit... read more

    Access the UK's largest credit database. Control bad debt, business risk and exposure by gaining a true 'customer view' by incorporating shared data from other lenders and receive accurate predictive scores for real time decisioning through a simple ranking tool for complex data.

    Our solutions help lenders better understand their customers:

    1. Credit worthiness.
    2. Indebtedness and affordability.
    3. Account management.
    4. Changing consumer credit needs.
    5. Risk of attrition.
    6. Propensity to pay in collections and likelihood of debt recovery.

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  • Scorecard Review

    Stay one step ahead of emerging trends with on-going analysis of your scorecards and decision-making policies... read more

    Stay one step ahead with on-going analysis of your decision-making policies. As a result you can enhance policy and strategy rules that influence discriminating and decision-making. Accessing the latest data sources can also help prioritise business developments through benchmarking across your competitors.

    • Maximise business profitability by ensuring that accept/decline decisions on new credit applications are based on scorecards.
    • Secures a competitive edge by accepting the best customers for your product/service offers and declining unprofitable customers that are likely to require costly management intervention further down the line

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  • Multi-Channel Optimisation

    Execute, optimise, manage, plan and easily deliver campaigns using multiple channels, or through one channel, directly from a single platform... read more

    Today's market place is constantly changing.

    Organisations contend with pressure on growth and margins, increased regulation and intense competition - all while trying to exceed the expectations of an increasingly demanding customer.

    Experian's optimisation solutions calculate the impact of every single possible decision on every single customer, and select the best combination of actions. This typically leads to uplifts in performance of 10-100% against even very sophisticated techniques.

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