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Integrating and maximising the use of all available data and insight, particularly in every day decisions in order to manage customers profitability is a common problem.

Which customers can overspend? Who can I offer further lending to? Should I reduce the credit available? Which customers are facing financial stress? I must remain compliant! I need to focus collections efforts…these are just some of the challenges we are told our customers are facing. We can help.

Challenge Opportunity
Authorisations Accurate risk management
Limit Management Customer risk ranking
Marketing – cross selling and retention Profiled likely leavers / upsell opportunities
Renewal – reissue Usage and value measures
Pre-collections / collections Customer exposure and collectability measures

Our unique data sources and market leading customer risk scores, together with your internally gathered data, can provide you with the best understanding of who your riskiest customers are to reduce exposure and bad debt.

Make responsible credit risk management decisions using our indebtedness and affordability solutions. By understanding a customer’s likelihood of attrition, current usage and future lifetime value, you can deploy cost effective renewal and save strategies.

In addition, customer risk, exposure and collectability measures in combination with sophisticated collections strategies will allow you to optimise recoveries and minimise costs.

The value of analytics in customer management is significant. Experian’s analytics use powerful scoring and advanced segmentation techniques to set appropriate terms in order for you to automate customer management decisions and maximise profitability.

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PlayOptimal scorecard performance is crucial. Having ineffective scorecards can prove costly and leave you ill-equipped to take full advantage of current market growth. You may also be missing out on enhanced levels of discrimination through updated Delphi scores and new data sources.

Victoria Carr and Scott Gregory, Experian’s Analytics Consultants talk on our podcast about the implications of a good, or bad, scorecard.

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