Briefing Papers

Briefing papers

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Publication Title  
Surviving the recession: seven quick wins to maximise collections effectiveness Download
Risk, reward and the SME lending imperative Download
Accelerating collections return on investment: an agile approach to implementing a new collections system Download
What does the new Banking Code mean for today's Collections Managers? Download
Improving Basel II Credit Risk Ratings Download
Applying the principles of business intelligence to improve collections performance  Download
The CEO's guide to collections  Download
Identifying the optimum collections strategy through the use of champion challenger analytical tools  Download
Customer level collections in the water industry  Download
The importance of a good collector interface to improve business performance  Download
Guidance on the use of Experian credit bureau data to aid collections activity  Download
Surviving the Credit Crunch: 7 key strategies to maximise collections effectiveness  Download
Implementing a customer centric collections environment  Download
Debt collection agencies: the key to improved recoveries?  Download
How to streamline a debt portfolio to maximise the gain from a successful asset sale  Download
The benefits of a dedicated collections system  Download
Using digital communications to competitive advantage in collections  Download
Early collections outsourcing: an innovative approach to debt management in challenging market conditions  Download
The value of implementing scoring in the collections process  Download
Mortgage arrears in the current climate: to seize or not to seize  Download
How to motivate your collections team with incentives that work  Download
Realising the benefits of a new generation of collections system  Download
Revenue management strategies in the new consumer credit markets  Download
The psychology of debt  Download
Information quality in the consumer collection environment  Download
Achieving return on investment from modern revenue management and collection systems  Download
The impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on the collections process  Download
Trends in telecoms revenue assurance  Download
The impact of effective use of tone of voice in collection letters  Download
The fraud report Download

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