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How do we create an effective credit risk strategy while ensuring it's right for the customer?

Joe and Sally decide to buy a house together  - they are unsure how much they can borrow so they visit Joe’s bank

Joe and Sally have no idea how much they can borrow or how much they could afford to pay, so they pay a visit to Joe’s bank again.

The bank wants to verify that they’re a good risk for a mortgage and also calculate an upper lending limit based on what Joe and Sally can afford, so that they can clearly evidence that they have recommended the most suitable mortgage product. Sally isn’t one of their customers, so they want to find out more about her. In particular, they want to make sure that she hasn’t run up debt while she was in Spain.

As we can see a large number of our value added scores and data support this and an assessment is undertaken across multiple dimensions – risk, affordability, indebtedness and suitability. We have also helped the bank design and implement a link to another bureau through their Transact SM solution (via Connect +) – so the bank can easily check out Sally’s credit rating.

The mortgage application causes an application bureau footprint and also establishes for the first time a financial link between Joe and Sally.

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