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How do we gain insight into key life changes that may impact our customers' financial requirements?

Joe starts to think about moving into a larger house

A week later Joe has retreated to the kitchen again. He is online paying some bills when he realises that he has a new message from his bank. They’ve sent him an offer for a new Mortgage and have volunteered to arrange for an appointment with a financial adviser. Joe texts Sally to let her know the good news. Excited about the new house, Joe decides he’s going to treat himself to a new 3D TV. There’ll be plenty of space for it once they’ve moved.

As he’s browsing, Joe notices that all of the adverts he can see are for the mortgages available from his bank. Joe is far more superstitious than he likes to admit to and thinks that this is a great sign!

Whilst Joe has been forced into the kitchen by his increasingly large and loud family his bank have been really busy. As soon as Joe put his house on the market the bank received information from us notifying them that Joe would be in the market for a new mortgage – via their movers alert service.

The bank needed to get the new offer out to Joe before he had a chance to shop around, so they didn’t have long. In order to assess what they could offer him they needed to get a clear picture of what his property was now worth, and how much Joe could afford to borrow. To achieve this the bank used our automated valuation models and portfolio management products including products like Mosaic and Equity check to assess his financial situation. They also used our Cheetahmail to deploy the e-mail with the offer letter and our digital advertising service to send Joe adverts targeting relevant mortgage products.

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