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How do we target the right customer with the right offer?

The post arrives. Joe picks up his mail – he’s been mailed a credit card offer...

A month after moving back home, Joe gets a credit card mailing from a high street bank – and not the one he banks with.

How did this offer get to Joe? The bank’s targeting of new customers is underpinned by our Consumerview. This is a database of nearly 50m UK adults with more than 400 variables describing them, including Mosaic.

The bank uses Consumerview and Marketswitch Optimization to target and acquire new customers though direct mail, e-mail, the internet and the phone. It’s not just this bank that uses Consumerview – in fact the majority of UK all credit card firms use it as the base file for their acquisition campaigns.

Joe opens the letter. He knows he’s going to need a credit card – and its certainly appealing to him, but as it’s not from his bank, he’s a bit nervous and he wants to find out more. He puts the letter to one side and pushes on with his job hunting.

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