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Tallyman - Develop customer management strategies that increase revenue opportunities

What does Tallyman debt collection software do?

TallymanThe deployment of debt management software tools into the Collections and Recoveries operation can help an organisation establish a centralised, consistent operation.

Tallyman is the sophisticated debt collection management software system that is at the heart of Decision Analytics Collections and Recoveries proposition from Experian.

Tallyman offers a cost-effective debt collection strategy & faster debt recovery

Tallyman enables businesses to realise faster and earlier collection of outstanding debt with an agile implementation of the system; a rapid evaluation to quickly identify the most effective debt collections strategies; and to make use of the flexibility within Tallyman, with easy optimisation of the debt management solution to ensure that the quickest and lowest cost methods are used.

Tallyman segments customers into highly-specific customer types according to a wide range of variables, including payment pattern history, to provide greater flexibility in managing customers and to assign accurate debt collections priority.

The provision for bad debt can be significantly reduced by clearing outstanding debt balances at a faster rate than previously experienced. The flexibility of the system means that specialist treatments can be applied to accounts, based on specific customer behaviour, while new approaches can be deployed easily to cover new situations.

The powerful management information module within the debt collection solution delivers advanced business intelligence functionality, enabling managers, team leaders and system administrators to monitor the effectiveness of the debt collections system and to highlight areas that are performing well, while identifying those areas that require further enhancement.

  • Automate many of the standard debt collections processes and minimise collections costs and time to collect.
  • Protect future revenue streams, reduce churn and facilitate future selling opportunities.
  • Increase cash flow by improving debt recovery rates and reducing bad debt write-offs.
  • Improve staff productivity and focus debt collections resources
  • Reduce collections costs
  • Decrease time to collect
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Focus collections resources on high risk, complex cases
  • Improve recovery rates


Consulting is at the heart of every Decision Analytics delivery by Experian. Consultants work with clients at every stage of the project, firstly to fully understand the business and strategic direction, and then to help design and implement systems and processes that deliver objectives.

Following implementation, Experian consultants work with clients through a structured and regular review programme to continually evolve and enhance strategies so that organisations continue to gain maximum value as their needs change and the business grows.

Experian creates a partnership with clients to deliver a system that addresses their business challenges for today, and in the future. Bringing a fresh approach and independent viewpoint to every business, it delivers practical solutions that deliver measurable results.

Tallyman software

Tallyman is the sophisticated software system for managing customer revenue and collection.  Specifically designed for consumer credit grantors, or organisations which extend consumer credit as part of their business model, Tallyman provides its users with the necessary tools to implement fully integrated, end-to-end collections processes with flexible user applications and efficient automation.

The key to Tallyman’s ability to collect more revenue lies in its rules based architecture which underpins all the activities and functions. Rules can be as simple or as complex as required to ensure that the solution precisely meets requirements. Tallyman’s workload targeting function assigns accounts to be manually worked or to be automatically processed by either a worklist or a route.

Context sensitive displays mean that collections agents have all the relevant information at their fingertips to enable faster, more informed decisions.

Management information

Tallyman provides the ability to evaluate the performance of the implemented processes using visual, interactive, real-time performance dashboards and flexible and powerful management information through a suite of defined collections reports.  Progress of work queues, value of revenue collected and the progress of payment arrangements can all be monitored against KPI targets.

Using dashboard tools, managers can quickly predict daily outcomes and dynamically allocate resources and work queues in order to optimise system performance. 

Modular technology with flexible delivery options

The system has been designed and built for agile implementation, with all the elements required for effective debt management, but with the ability to customise elements to suit individual business requirements.  The functionality in the technology has been designed to be modular, so it can deliver the functionality needed today, and meet the needs of the business tomorrow.

Tallyman is designed to integrate seamlessly with all leading billing and customer management solutions for streamlined operating efficiency.  The fully-scalable system is capable of processing millions of customer decisions rapidly in this mission critical environment.

Experian offers integrated segmentation and profiling of customers with automation of collections activities to create a complete proposition in retail banking.

Sophisticated debt management can be deployed across every product a customer holds, including credit cards, mortgages, asset backed loans, unsecured lending and revolving credit activities, to drive dynamic, tailored collections strategies for each delinquent customer.

Create customer profile and segment Customers are finely segmented according to a wide range of variables to create an accurate profile. Using behavioural scoring, each customer is assigned a risk score according to their customer profile and delinquency type, which is used to drive the most appropriate collections strategy.

With customers holding multiple products, banks can deploy customer-centric collections activities, which closely match both the value of the customer and the overall credit risk they represent.

Prioritise actions

Using the profile, collections actions can be effectively prioritised, such as leaving habitual late payers to self-cure and focusing resources on high risk, high value customers.

Automate manual processes

Collections activities are automated on lower risk, lower value accounts to minimise manual intervention and enable staff to concentrate on higher value, higher risk collections. Banks can deploy modern communications technology within the collections process to enhance the speed and efficiency of collections.

Using Debt Collection Agents and legal processes

The allocation of debt to collections agents is managed and performance is accurately monitored to minimise commission payments.

A comprehensive approach is provided for the use and management of legal processes, such as legal charges against debtors, court judgements or the repossession of property. 

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