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Proactively managing arrears for the UK's largest water provider

Anglian Water had been managing collections through its billing system.

With levels of debt expected to rise as the economic crisis worsened, Anglian Water recognised that it needed to make its collections system more effective and efficient.

Explore the transformation of Anglian Water's debt recovery strategy to become more agile, flexible and effective.

EDF Energy: Efficient management of delinquent customers

Around 174,000 households are switching gas or electricity suppliers every week – with nothing to stop them switching, even though they might owe money to another supplier.

Explore EDF Energy’s sophisticated system which contacts former customers who are in arrears – and reminds them of their obligations to pay.

Welsh Water: Debt collection without disconnection

In 1999 the UK government introduced a water disconnection ban, preventing companies from cutting off supply to customers in arrears.

This has made commercial life significantly more difficult for all water companies.

Discover how Welsh Waters' new debt recovery and revenue management system allowed for high levels of automation and the ability to segment customers so that different approaches can be adopted.

Yorkshire Water: First UK water company to use data-sharing to halve litigation costs and improve customer satisfaction

Although provision of water supply and sewerage services are mandatory for the vast majority of homes, payment of utilities bills may not always regarded as a priority by some households.

Yorkshire Water was aware of its obligations to provide services to all sections of society and could not simply adopt commercial decisioning in the same way that financial services firms do - by selecting the best customers to acquire.

Discover how Yorkshire Water created a holistic, customer-friendly approach to the management of customers.

Yorkshire Water: Void properties solution generates £1.65m in revenue

Yorkshire Water is aware that a number of customers consume water but fail to respond to any request for payment.

To address this issue staff are employed to visit each property to investigate the circumstances of these customers and identify if the property is occupied. This intrusive, time-consuming and costly exercise is an inefficient use of resource.

Discover how Yorkshire Water, working in partnership with its subsidiary Loop Customer Management, Yorkshire Water decided to employ Experian’s Residency Checker service to source the details of occupiers of non-responding or void premises.

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