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Home Move Process - A proactive approach to the home move process

Join Ian Parry, Scott Gardner and Vicky Tyrer as they discuss the most effective ways to embark on a proactive approach to the home move process.

Retrospective Analysis - Using the past to predict the future

Andrew Toone and Scott Gardner explore how you can use best-in-class analytical approaches to understand your customers. You’ll come away with the understanding of how to use the past to predict the future. The webinar also covers key steps for this approach and a checklist to test the approach.

Forecast and Reduce Debt - Forecasting techniques for managing delinquency and debt in utilities

Andrew Toone and Scott Gregory explore how the applications of forecasting techniques can help you identify potential late payment or non-payment. This webinar will help you understand how to anticipate loss and delinquency. It also covers the importance of forecasting when risk.

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