Masters Charity Golf Day 2013

Monday 8 April 2013, Buckinghamshire Golf Club

Further information:

Barbara Strang
T: +44 (0) 115 992 2591

Experian Local Charities Fund

For many years we have supported a national charity of the year, but the time has come for a change. Our focus will now be on individual groups and organisations which need our support in these tough times. We admire them for their passion and determination to make a difference, and we in turn hope to make a difference to them.

So how will we help?

Every quarter a independent committee will meet to consider applications we receive from on individual groups and organisations. We’ll be asking them what our funding can do to make their charity more sustainable.

For more information contact Barbara Strang tel: +44 (0)115 992 2591

Who has benefited so far?

Indigo Brave Land Project - 1 in 4 of us experience mental health issues at some point in our lives.  Indigo Brave are in the process of setting up a social enterprise to create positive, lasting changes in the lives of people with mental health problems.  Helping individuals to become more independent,  reducing time in hospital & prison, reducing stress related time off work and teaching them new skills about living within their means. To give this project a well deserved boost we've donated £5,000

The Reece Jeffrey Foundation is raising money to provide screening days for local individuals. We've agreed to provide up to £1,000 to match money they raise at an upcoming event. These screening days will be used by a large number of people and can help identify medical issues in young people before something serious occurs. 

Scotton Scorchers Junior Football Club have come up with a fantastic idea to keep children involved in sport and encourage them to give something back to their community.  They're doing this by putting their U15/U16 players through an FA Level 1 qualification.  Once qualified they'll then coach the U5 & U6 age groups.  This is a great benefit to the team and the wider community as it opens up the club to kids who might not normally be able to join in, builds the skills of the players already in the club -keeping them engaged and offering them additional training that'll stay with them into early adult life.  A donation of £3,200 has been awarded to be split in two for each financial year 2013/2014.

Crossdale Primary School in Keyworth is the only local school participating in this project out of 100 schools UK wide.  They've a target of £10,000 which we've halved with our donation from the Experian Local Charity Fund.  They're delighted with this donation "This, combined with the money we've already raised, has given all of us at the school the momentum to keep fundraising to put the much need solar panels on our roof."  Providing their future energy needs without 'costing the earth'.

The Nottinghamshire Hospice asked for £1,750 to produce a corporate pack.  Instead of handing over the cash we're looking for volunteers to produce and organise the printing of these corporate packs, with the Local Charity fund paying the associated costs - huge savings all round.  If you've the expertise to put this together, please get in touch as soon as possible.

The Bait Project is using angling (fishing) as a tool to prevent young people becoming involved in crime and anti-social attitude.  They're the only fishing project in the Midlands that mentors young people, improving their future prospects for the good of their whole community.  With this in mind we've donated £1,065 to help them run 2 three day residential courses between now and October 2013. 

The East Midlands Bee Association has been given £863.30. This money will help them improve the number and quality of bees that are best suited to our weather and environment. Bees that are better suited will be less aggressive and the increased numbers will help pollinate farmer’s crops in turn increasing yields and keeping food costs down. Our money will buy new mating hives, breeding systems and support educational workshops.

The 44th Nottingham Boys Brigade and Girls Association have been allocated £300 to pay for their Capitation fees for the next 12 months. They provide a social group for 5 -18 year olds and an environment in which they can have fun and learn new skills.

Edale Rise Primary School is involved with long overdue refurb of the Oliver Hind Community Centre in Sneinton. The Centre has a classroom, kitchen, extensive sports facilities and a large indoor activity area which can be used by schools and the local community. They have been awarded £5,000 to help with refurbishments.



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